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Hey There! I Think You Are Quite Curious To Know About How To Write Great High Quality Content Blog Post with SEO………! Isn’t It?? Not To Worry, Here Are Some Basic & Golden Tips For Writing  A  High Quality Blog Post With Free Tools For Your Next Blog Post!

Before Getting Started You Should understand That  –  When You Are Writing Blog,Your Main intension Should Be To Help Your Audience,Generally Bloggers Do Not Write For Audience,They Often Write For Good Rank On Search Engines,Which Don’t Shows Quite Good Results Neither On Blog Nor On Earning.

When You Write A Blog,You Have To Consider Various Things Like SEO,Quality Post,Good Interlinking  & …….. (Read Till End To Know More)


How To Write High Quality Blog Post :-


Selection Of Target Keyword –  Before Writing Any Blog Post,You should Choose particular Keyword Or Niche (Topic) About which you are going to write an Article. You Can Use “Free Google AdWords Tool” To Get An Idea About Your Target Keyword Popularity,Searches On Google.


Write A Short & Amazing Descriptive Title –  Title Is The Main Part Of Blog,If Title Of Post Is Not Amazing & Short ,You Will Loose Your Valuable Audience.A Good High Quality Blog Title Contains Length Between 50-60 Characters. Also Your Title Must Have Your Targeted Keyword For Ranking.You Might also like to see post – how to boost alexa rank of website.

You Can Use Free Tool  “Coschedule Headline Analyzer” To Check Your Post Title overall headline quality and rate.


Selection Of Hyperlink :- Modify & Short Your Post Hyperlink(Permalink).Your Blog Permalink Should Not Exceed More than 48 Characters For Search Engine Optimization.

For Example:- If Your Blog Title Is “Which is the Best WordPress Permalink Structure for SEO” ,Hence Your Post Permalink Must Be “http://yourdomain/best-wordpress-peramlink-seo.html


Blog Content :- Your Blog Content Should Be Creative & Easy Readable.Make Sure to Have Your Target Keyword within 100 Words of First Paragraph & Try To Write Your Topic In Points.


Adding Images – Image Is The Heart At Blog,You Must Have at least 1 Photo on Your post.While Uploading Any Image/Media Make Sure That Your “Target Keyword” is In Name Of Image.

how to write high quality blog post

For Example – If You Want Your Add A  Photo On Your Blog Then Firstly,Rename Your Photo Name From “DCIM……. Or ABVBDK” To “TARGET-KEYWORD“.This Will Not Only Look Cool,But It Will Help You Out For Ranking Too…


Adding An ALT Text,Caption,Title On Images – You Must Be Familiar With Title & Caption,So Here Is something About ALT TEXT –  ALT Text Place A Great Role For Search Engines.After Uploading An Image,You Must Have An ALT TEXT For Image.

Know More About Alt Text AT –  Image SEO: alt tag and title tag optimization





Use Of Bold/Italic :-  Using A Bold Or Italic Words Helps A Lot For Google Spider To Understand About Importance Of Topic.

Which Word To Make Bold Or Italic??? Confusing Right?? Solution – You Should Use Bold & Italic For Your Related “Target Keyword”. For Example :-

  • If Your Target Keyword Is – “ICECREAM
  • Words Which Should Be  Bold/Italics Is – “Ingredient”   “Milk

Note – Make Sure To use Bold,Italic Style For Few Words Or Else You Might Get Penalised By Google For Ranking.


Choosing categories – Now A Days categories Too Play A Great Role in SEO.If You Are A Newbie At Blogging,You Might Forget To Add Any categorie At Your Blog Post Which May Leads You To Lack At SEO.

How to Solve categories Issue :- Add categories Name Same As Your Target Keyword.That’s it! For Example – If Your Keyword Is “Amazon” Then Add Add category = “Amazon


LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) –  These are basically keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword. Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT just synonym or keywords that are similar in meaning. Search Engines Checks LSI Keyword Density on Blog Post & Rank Post.Hence,You Must Use LSI Keywords on Your Post.

Use Free Tool – LSIGraph: LSI Keyword Generator To Get Idea About LSI Keyword

That’s All! It Took Around 1-2 Hours To Write This Post But,It Will Take Only Few Seconds To Share It. So Please Share It!

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